Diggabits are proud to be the sole distributor in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands of Tiger Rock Breakers.

Diggabits have Quality Rock Breakers for every make and model.  And we also offer Breaker repairs, parts, and services for all makes and models.

We offer Full after sales and parts back up. 

We can deliver Fast anywhere in New Zealand and Pacific Islands. 

We also offer FREE Fitting within Auckland.

We are the Rock Breaker Specialists!

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We sell Tiger Hammers between 800 kg to 100 T

They are a Top quality made and reliable attachment. We have 100% customer satisfaction. 

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Our KH600 and up Tiger Hammers come with Anti-Blank firing.

The Anti Blank Firing System

  • Cutting Edge & Advanced Design
  • Firing Structure minimizes unnecessary impact to Front head, Thru Bolts, Chisels & Rod Pins.
  • Ensures longer service life of Hammers



Tiger Hammers standard Chisels. Further chisels/tools are available on request.

Description and Application

  • Conical - Concrete
  • Moil Point - Rocks
  • Wedge Point - Asphalt Cutting, Trenches & Slopes
  • Blunt End Point - Quarries



All parts are designed by Special Technique of Tiger Breaker

  • Accurate Parts
  • Special Heat Treatment
  • Various Tool Brushings
  • Various Front head and Cylinders
  • Diaphragm/Membrane
  • Seals
  • Main body
  • Silent Castings